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Coach Interaction Guidelines

  • Remove your sunglasses.  Look them in the eyes and listen to what they are saying

  • Remain calm.  Show interest by not using negative body language.

  • While the coach is talking, plan what you are going to say.  Remember it takes two to have an argument.

  • Let the coach talk.  Often they just want to have their say. (Apply the 30 Second rule)

  • Make the coach ask you a question about the play that brought them out to you.  Not something that happened last week or last inning but the play that just happened

  • Try to stand next to the coach but keep a safe distance for health reasons rather than facing them.

  • Explain your call.  Repeat yourself once if the coach needs it.  This is not a time to have a seminar on the rules. After that, the discussion is over.  Tell the coach its time to play ball. Move to your next position or do something to get away from the coach.  If you are working the bases, move to your next starting position.  If you are working the plate, mark your lineup card, clean off the plate, or retrieve game balls from the dugout.  It does not matter. This should be a signal to your partner that they should assist the coach to leave if the coach has not done so.

  • You do not have to have the last word.  If the coach is grumbling as they leave you, let them grumble. They are just trying to save face.  That is OK.  Your goal is to get the game going again.  If you chase after them, you will be seen as the aggressor and that will just delay getting the game going again.

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