While it does not happen very often, handling a protest situation correctly is important. The full
NCAA procedure to address protests is listed on pages 58 – 59 of the 2020-2021 rule book (Rule
7.2.5). Listed below is a summary of that procedure.
Once a call that a coach believes is based on a misapplication of a rule or the improper effect of
a rule and before the next pitch (legal or illegal) is thrown, the offended coach may inform HP of
his/her indentation to protest the game. The protesting coach shall identify the alleged failure
to apply the correct rule or misapplication of the effect of the rule to HP:
a) HP shall ask the opposing coach to provide input if he/she chooses to do so
b) The umpire crew shall meet privately, use an NCAA rule book, and attempt to settle the
c) The crew shall bring both coaches together to explain its ruling, using a rule book to settle
the issue. The NCAA secretary rules-editor may be called (her phone number is in the rule
book) in a last ditch effort to settle resolve any dispute.
d) If the meeting resolves the issue, the protest is dropped
e) If the protesting coach decides to continue the game under protest, HP must announce to
the opposing coach, and scorekeepers that the game will continue under protest. He/She
must ask the public address announcer to announce the game will continue under protest
f) HP and protesting coach must gather the relevant information, including
a. Opponent, date, time and place of the game
b. Names and contact information of umpires and official scorer
c. Rule and section of NCAA rules (or relevant ground rules) under which the protest is
d. The essential facts, details and conditions pertinent to the protested decision.
g) If the protesting team wins the game, a written protest form is not completed. If the
protesting team loses the game, at the conclusion of the game, the plate umpire will notify
the NCAA softball secretary- rules editor of the protest. Then, within 24 hours, the two
coaches and the HP umpire shall send a completed the electronic protest form to the NCAA
softball secretary-rules editor.