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2021 Season


Listed below are those situations when an ELECTRONIC INCIDENT REPORT must be filed with the NCAA
softball secretary-rules editor (Vickie Van Kleeck) as soon as possible but not later than 24 hours after
the incident. Copies of the report are to be sent to the ECSU assigner (Mike Covello). For ECSU assigned
games, Mike has taken the responsibility to forward these reports to the appropriate conference
coordinator. The individual responsible for sending the reports is listed below along with rule book page
and NCAA rule references.

  •  A game participant is ejected (behavioral or administrative) Rule 13.2.1, page 132. Ejecting umpire.

  •  When a violation of the guidelines for use of video, matrix, or audio boards occurs. Rule 2.33,page 19. Home plate umpire.

  •  Use of equipment that does not meet NCAA specifications is used in a game. Rule 3.1.1, page23. Home plate umpire.

  • Possession or use of an inappropriate or damaged bat during a game. Rule 3.1, page 26. Homeplate umpire.

  • Failure of the on-site administrator to exercise his/her responsibilities. Rule 4.1.1-, page34. Home plate umpire.

  • Failure to present a bat for pre-game inspection that is subsequently used in a game. Rule13.2.1, page 133. Ejecting umpire.

  • The use of artificial noise makers by spectators. Rule 5.11.1, page 41. Home plate umpire. 

  • When a team disagrees with an on field ruling of the umpire crew that is dependent on a rule or its effect and the offended coach decides to protest the judgement of the umpires. Rule7., page 58. Both coaches and the plate umpire.

  • Physical contact with an opponent or umpire. Rule 13.3, page 134. Ejecting umpire and offending head coach.

  • When a game participant leaves the team area to join a brawl. Rule 13.4, page 134. Ejecting umpire and offending head coach.

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